Seek An Attorney If You Have Been Affected By These Three Products

There are a few devices, products, and prescriptions on the market that have been known to cause medical issues. If you have suffered injuries, life-altering symptoms, or other repercussions, you may need the assistance of an experienced attorney. Navigating the legal landscape surrounding these three products requires extensive medical knowledge and legal training. It can be difficult to combat on your own, especially when dealing with personal injury.

Talcum Powder (aka Baby Powder)

Women all across the US are coming after Johnson & Johnson for misleading them about the safety of using baby powder, which contains talcum powder. As it turns out, this product, which was marketed as gentle and safe for consumer use, is actually linked to ovarian cancer. There are no warnings about side effects, which has led many to use the product for its intended uses on the genitals. If you are the unfortunate cancer or injury victim of Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder, an experienced attorney will be able to guide you through the filing process to take action. It is important that you follow the proper steps to receive as much of a settlement as you deserve.


IVC Filter

The unfortunate patients who received these blood clot filters know all too well the dishonesty behind the claims made about the product. Many patients experienced numerous complications, including punctured veins, faulty manufacturing, and a badly designed device, which could break off and travel to other areas of the body. Not only that, many patients were deceived about the overall safety of the product. Therefore, many lawsuits are being filed by patients themselves, and even friends and family of those who unfortunately died, and as a result, created the ivc filter lawsuit. In such a grief-stricken time, it is important to find a reliable attorney who will take your case seriously and fight for the settlement you deserve. Gathering evidence, statements from medical professionals, and speaking with insurance companies requires perseverance, time, and expertise. That is something a qualified personal injury or wrongful death attorney can deliver.


The purpose of this anticoagulant drug is to prevent and treat blood clots in an attempt to lower certain risks like deep vein thrombosis, stroke, and other related conditions. It has also been prescribed to other patients, for instance, those who have had hip/knee replacement surgery. Similarly, it helps avoid clotting. The manufacturers made certain false claims about their product and, even worse, were neglectful in warning users (especially seniors) of the very real possibility for uncontrollable bleeding. Many patients have died as a result. Drug makers should be held accountable for their neglectful actions, so seek help from a seasoned xarelto attorney if you or a loved one has experienced the side effects of this drug.

Phelps and Moore Recycle With Care


Phelps and Moore is a legal practice that serves several different areas of practice and is based out in Phoenix, Arizona. The partners of this practice, Jon Phelps and Robert Moore, are the leading attorneys of this company. They have a full staff that helps with cases that surround areas such as family law, bankruptcy, personal injury, commercial litigation, and employment discrimination.

Family law covers matters and conflicts of things such as divorce, child custody, domestic violence, child support, and property division. Vehicle accidents, abuse and neglect, workplace harm, medical malpractice, and insurance coverage are what is covered under personal injuries. Bankruptcy helps with loans, help keep your assets, eliminate debt as well as help with mortgages. They will also deal with matters of real estate disputes, partner disputes, breach of contracts, and business torts under the commercial litigation practice. Employment disputes deal in issues of race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, and pregnancy. The attorneys at this practice will be able to assist with these matters and more.

Besides Phelps and Moore this practice also has two associate attorneys, Erica Feldon and Cy Hainey. Feldon has been with Phelps and Moore since 2012, and Hainey has been on board since 2013. Their legal staff consist of two paralegals, two legal secretaries, and an office manager. Karen Barnes and Casey Lee are their paralegals who’ve been with the practice for a few years. The same is for their tow legal secretaries, Jeyjey Townsley and Tressa Kelly. Office manager Mayme Kohler has been there for a few years as well. With their years of experience and team work they are capable of helping to win many cases in their areas of practice.

With a wide range of practice areas, they are able to cater to many needs. Visit Phelps and Moore website at to retrieve their contact information for a free consultation. There are more websites you can visit with Phelps and Moore that caters to the specific practice you’re looking to receive assistance in. The sites will provide clear and concise information on what Phelps and Moore offer and cover.

Recycle to Save the Plants

Does Recycling Actually Save Plants?

Recycling is indeed necessary for our environment. There are so many benefits that come with reducing, recycling and reusing. Children everywhere are being taught the importance of creating a clean and fresh environment. This is being done all through the world. Can the recycling effort really save our plant life? Our plants need a clean environment in order to grow and flourish. When we save energy, we will enjoy reduced greenhouse gas emissions. A lower water and air pollution rate will provide a healthy, clean and fresh air for all plants to grow and thrive in. When waste is converted into reusable objects, this will prevent an enormous amount of waste. Our environment is affected greatly when proper recycling is in place. Soil erosion will be lowered when recycling is in place. Healthy soil will provide healthy plant growth. Continued action with recycling will actually save our plants. Clean water will provide a nourishing and chemical-free replenishment. We all will see the great impact on our plants when solid recycling practices are in place. Saving our planet must be taken seriously by everyone. Communities everywhere can stand together while working side by side to put recycling programs in place and save our plants.

Reap the Recycling Benefits with Beautiful Plants
We all will reap the many benefits of our recycling efforts. You are invited to view and order flowers online that show off their natural beauty. Every plant will offer beauty and enjoyment when they have been provided a clean and healthy environment. We all reap the many benefits of recycling because our plants greatly add to life. Take the time to show someone you love with fresh roses. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Reap your recycling efforts and browse, at your leisure, through this site at Show off your own recycling efforts and enjoy the stunning roses and beautiful plants. Without recycling, our plants, flowers and environment will look and feel dreary. With solid recycling practices in place, reaping the benefits of healthy plants and flowers is our reward.

Worth the Effort
Browse through and you will see for yourself how recycling is worth the effort. Every holiday is made extra special when you give beautiful flowers to the person you care about. Showing your love with flowers makes recycling worth the effort. Beautiful bouquets and lovely plants mirror our recycling efforts in every sense. Recycling will save our plants and it is definitely worth the effort.

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